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Posted by Terry Love on April 08, 1998 at 23:58:57:
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Your bathroom is coming to completion? Way to go!

The toilet flange can set on the floor, but I wouldn't put it any higher. That would mean about 1/4" high or less from the top. Most toilet flanges are slightly below the finished floor. Before setting the wax and toilet on the flange, try it without the wax to see if the floor and flange cause no problems. Some wax rings with the horns will not allow the toilet to set flat on the floor. There should be enough wax to completely seal the toilet to the flange. I use two wax rings most of the time. If the toilet needs to be shimmed, you can use pennys, or tile shims. Caulking the toilet to the floor will help prevent movement and water leaking under the toilet to the floor below. Caulking should not be done at the very back of the toilet. If there is a sealing problem, it is better to know right away.


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