Re: how a prv works.
Posted by hj on February 01, 1999 at 20:52:43:
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You just have to blow through it with 90 psi or more. The downstream pressure is what controls the operation of the valve. If it malfunctions, then it can fail to regulate the static pressure, even though the dynamic pressure is still regulated.

: I am an irrigation contractor. One mystery that has baffled me for a few days is pertaining to pressure regulators. The question came to me when I held a standard 25-75 prv and for some reason blew through it, my breath came out the other end. The question is how then can a prv regulate static pressure if I can blow through it? Dynamic pressure I know it can regulate, but I can adjust the static pressure (once installed) on my closed main line? How can that be????
: help

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