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Posted by Fred Flemming on February 01, 1999 at 15:50:17:
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: I just finished re-doing a LOT of the plumbing in my house and noe I find when I turn on the hot water in the kitchen,shower or sink it sputters like after you turn the water back on...Like it has air in the lines.

: What can cause this...The work was finished months ago and it still spits like it has air in the lines.
: Did I screw up again ???

I have a similar situation. My guess is that your water comes from a well and that it has CO2 naturally dissolved in it. This CO2 (carbon dioxide)comes from CO2 in the atmosphere that is absorbed by rain and ends up in the aquifer. Like with soda water, the CO2 comes out of solution when heated, thus causing the sputtering. It is harmless. If I am correct about your situation, you will find that your cold water is slightly acidic and your hot water is not. You can have the pH of your water tested to find out. The disolved C02 forms very dilute carbonic acid, just like in soda pop only not as much. My hot water copper tubing has lasted 38 years while my cold water tubing had to be replaced after 30 due to general thinning.
: Thanks

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