Whirlpool Install
Posted by Randy Dillinger on April 08, 1998 at 16:41:25:
Hi, thanks for taking the time to read this. I'm planning to install a whirlpool tub where an existing fiberglass roman style tub is. I've removed the fiberglass tub, and my next step after taking possesion of the whirlpool is to build the support frame for the tile that the tub will eventually rest on. My question is, are there any tricks or techniques that will help me in locating the support at exactly the right height so that after I set the tile, the tub can be lowered to it's final resting spot just touching the tile. If the support is just a little too high, the weight of the tub will be on the rim of the tub, which will cause it to break, and if the support is just a little too low, there will be a gap between the tub and the tile, which will look like crap. Is there some kind of adjuster that will let me adjust the height of the support after the tile is set and the tub is set to bring the tile up to just touch the rim of the tub? Or some way to lower the tub until it just touches the tile, and leave it that way permanently?
Thanks for your help,


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