Re: Hot Water Boiler/Radiator Heat
Posted by Norman Harley on September 16, 2002 at 08:30:30:
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: We are selling our late parents house that has a hot water boiler for heat. The plumbing inspection revealed what they think is a corroded return line, although the system is working fine. The plumber said he couldn't tell if the line was threaded or a part of the boiler. Said if it was part of the boiler the entire boiler may need replacing. Does this sound reasonable? The house was built around 1920 and the pipes in the bsmt. and the boiler appear to be asbestos lined. The potential buyers also asked for a low water fuel cutoff switch which I read is probably one of the most important safety devices for a boiler. Any approximate idea of cost for this item?Thanks for any opinions you can provide.

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