Gurgling Hot Water Heater (not sediment!)
Posted by Dave on April 08, 1998 at 14:09:32:
I have a problem that may be related to water hammer, but
the "standard" fixes for water hammer have not eliminated
the problem. Whenever the hot water valve on my washing
machine opens (and *sometimes* other fixtures such as my
single handle kitchen sink fixture) I get a gurgling and
bubbling reaction in my hot water heater. The gurgling
lasts 3-4 seconds. This sound is not the same as the popping
sound due to sediment. It sounds like air bubbles inside
the tank. The reaction was getting more and more
violent recently, so I closed the main water valve to
the house, opened all faucets in the house and drained the
water heater. I then opened the main valve, closed all
faucets starting in the basement, and let the water heater
refill. The problem went away while the water in the heater
was cold, but after the heater recovered the gurgling
returned, although it was somewhat quieter. I installed
a water hammer arrestor in the hot water line at the
washer but this had no effect. The OA Smith water heater is
under 5 years old, but out of warranty because it is a
"warranty replacement" unit and the origanal warranty has
expired. Anybody have a suggestion as to what to try next?

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