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Posted by Kristina Sullins on January 29, 1999 at 22:27:49:
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: Hello
: I hope that you can answer my questions concerning asbestos!

: My question is knowing that asbestos is dangerous (I have not done a search to see how or why so forgive me on this)and if it were your home and you needed to cut costs, would you opt to do the asbestos removel and disposal yourself? Why or why not?

I took some time last nite and did some research on asbestos. Now I know that there is no way that I would put my husband in jepardy over any amount of money. I didn't realize how dangerous asbestos is. And it's hidden in so many places in the home that one might not suspect!
I found out that it is a casinagin (sp?) and causes fatal lung cancer and cancer of the thin membrane sorounding the lungs and other organs. If by chance asbestos got into your food, you could end up with stomach, liver, kidney, esopogus, or intestinal cancer. No one knows if being exposed even one time is dangerous or if it takes years. It takes 7 years or longer (sometimes 35) years to show up in your body. The cancer is fatal and very painfull.
Before I ask my husband to risk his life or the lives of our family, I will say the entire project is off. I might end up not getting a new bathroom this time since I read it costs over one-thousand dollars a day to remove the asbestos, but hopefully I will have my husband for many, many years to come! That's whats important to me!
And to think of the contractors who told him just to do it himself. One even said he knew someone who threw bags of it out of his windows of his truk while going down the road. Scary. Very scarry.
Thanks for your time!

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