Posted by Kristina Sullins on January 29, 1999 at 01:36:35:

I hope that you can answer my questions concerning asbestos!
We are just getting started with a city re-hab program to do some major remodeling on our home. It was noted in the job discription that contractors must bid to have the asbestos removed professionally. (It was found on a pipe in the basement and on both electrical pannels that will be updated.) Two seperate contractors or subcontractors recommended to my husband that he should remove and dispose of the asbestos himself to save money were we could use it elsewere. We have qualified for the max of 25K and our jobs are probably at that or just above and we will need to chop the list down some.

My question is knowing that asbestos is dangerous (I have not done a search to see how or why so forgive me on this)and if it were your home and you needed to cut costs, would you opt to do the asbestos removel and disposal yourself? Why or why not? If you would, what hints would you give to make it more safe both in removal and disposal?

I thank you seriously for your thoughts and info!
Please email me as our decision is comming upon us around Feb1, and I want to make the right choice.
thanks in advance

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