Water Entering Basement Around Water Main
Posted by Fred on January 28, 1999 at 18:01:25:
Where the main copper supply line enters my basement through the poured foundation wall, I've noticed water trickling down the concrete. It isn't much and it's only during snowmelt or heavy rain. I'm finishing the basement and the water main will be behind a framed wall (I'll install an access panel). The leak is so small, water either evaporates before it makes it all the way down the wall to the floor, or it disappears into a hairline crack between the foundation wall and the floor. It is never enough to pool on the floor.

It doesn't appear to be condensation and the fact that it's intermittent suggests no hole in the pipe itself. Should I ignore the situation or will it get worse and cause complications later? If a repair is necessary, any ideas on how to solve the problem?

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