Looking for manufacturer of faucet
Posted by P Deming on January 27, 1999 at 17:12:44:
I need an replacement aerator for a lavatory faucet. The problem is I do not know who the manufacturer of the faucet is and none of the local hardware stores have an aerator that fits. There are no visible manufacturer's stamps on the exterior of the faucet or on any of the under-sink hardware. The home was built in 1988-1989 and I am the second owner. The faucet is a 4" centerset with two lever handles, all polished brass. The only info I have from the prior owner are two documents, (1) installation instructions for "The Broadway Collection Centerset Faucets" and, (2) a parts diagram for "The Heritage Collection" of centerset faucets. Neither document names the manufacturer, has any addresses, phone numbers, etc. I do not want to disassemble the entire faucet to see if there is a manufacturer's stamp somewhere on the interior, nor do I want to replace the faucet just because I need what is probably a $3 aerator. Any assistance in finding out who the manufacturer might be or otherwise would be appreciated.

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