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Posted by Sherrie Davis on August 26, 2002 at 13:39:09:
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:I bought one and can't remember what magazine I ordered it. It was a Conserving Energy Magazine. The unit was hard plastic with crome spout and costs around $35 about eight years ago. We left it at the house we sold and I would like to buy another one. If I could only remember from where.....

you can find a stainless steel version for a price tag of $5,000 at neo-metro. its called the comby, or something like that.
: a

: : say, it's funny i found your post while i was looking for the same thing! have you had any leads on that thing?
: : thanks
: : andie k

: : : Somewhere in my travels I saw a conventional tank type porcelain toilet with a sink built into the tank cover.
: : : I have a need for one now, and I forgot where I saw it, and didn't note the brand name when I saw it.
: : : Does anyone know of this type of toilet? please send me an e-mail if you know where I might find one.

: : : Thank you.

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