Re: submersible well pump replacement
Posted by Keith on January 26, 1999 at 08:10:58:
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If your pump is only 60'(mines 200') you should be able to pull it by hand fairly easy, but I'd still have a buddy there to help. If you have a well pit than you don't have a pitless adaptor. If your well casing is exposed in the yard with a simple cap then you have a pitless adaptor. I think your casing is bigger than 4" more like 6" but that does'nt matter. Whether or not you have the pitless adaptor will determine what you have to disconnect. If you have one then theres nothing to disconnect, all you do is thread a handle (typically a length of pipe with a tee handle on it fashioned with a tee)into the top of the adaptor and lift it up until it disengages with the mating piece. The adaptor is basically a 2 piece assembly, one piece is fastened through casing usually below grade and the other piece looks like a tee with a wedge on the side, this piece is fastened to your black well pipe and has female pipe threads on the top to thread the handle in. If you don't have this then you should see a 2 piece flange on top of your casing with the pipe going down through the center. This type works on a wedge theory to hold the pipe and pump all you have to do with this is loosening the bolts. In this configuration typically your pipe coming up the center has a 90 on it above grade and a union. You will have to take the union apart. No priming is necessary submersible pumps are self priming. Which ever style you have you may find a torque arrester about halfway (30') down on your pipe this is normal. Also, the wire that feeds your pump should be lightly taped to the pipe, lightly meaning only one or two wraps of tape about every 10'. You do this because with the weight of the pump and water column there will be some stretch in the pipe and you don't want the wire to be stretched.

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