Re: Toilet flange removal and replacement.
Posted by martin fuller on August 20, 2002 at 02:05:27:
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: 1) Can the lead sweep be reworked with a new flange, and would it be worth the cost (this doesn't look to be a DIY job)?

: Yes, the sweep and flange can be replaced with ABS or PVC right into the cast iron pipe. It is not a DIY job. This is a common and difficult job for a plumber but very doable.
: 2) If a new flange can be worked in, at what point would I have that done. The old flange was installed on top of the tile, and I'm assuming that the same should be done with the new flange.

: Most of the time, the flange is installed on the subflooring, then the underlayment and tile is installed around the flange. If the flange is installed over the tile, make sure that the flange is secured to the subfloor with screws. Drilling the tile can be a bit tricky.

: A simple fix but more risky in terms of sealing, would be to replace the existing flange with a solid brass closet floor flange. The lead bend is bent over the flange. I have not seen these in hardware stores. I buy them from plumbing wholesalers. (Not easy to obtain) I try to carry a few in the vans at all time.
: Terry

Q: The toilet in the kids bathroom has been leaking for some time. We took out the linoleaum only to find the plywood flooring wet. My wife wants tile I am planning to put greenboard down. I need to raise the toilet flange, which is currently recessed in the floor. The flange is pvc and is glueded into the drain pipe, not screwed or attached to the flooring.

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