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Posted by Barry on January 25, 1999 at 16:11:00:
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Almost all of the three handled valve systems I've seen (I'm assuming this is what you have in your old house) have straight brass tubing between the two valves and the diverter. It seems to me that these tubes could be cut and modified to fit the current dimensions (not "dementions," unless that's really the bathroom's state). Someone adept at brazing or soldering should be able to make the adjustments. I'd concentrate on a set with handles that will complement your period look. I'd also go for ceramic valving, as it'll last longer than standard stems or cartridges.

: Bernie:--best source of valves for situations like yours is Gary, Mfr Rep,
: Check the site below...and lots of luck with your project...Bud

: I have a home that was built in 1899. The valves on the bathtub have leeked for years. Local plumbers say the sets are bad and can not be replaced. I have not been able to find any valves that have the proper dementions. Any suggestions? I am trying to maintain the house as orinal so I do not want to change the bathroom because of the valves. I even considered custom built valves but have not been able to locate a resource. Any ideas?

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