Re: submersible well pump replacement
Posted by Keith L. on January 25, 1999 at 16:00:38:
In response to Re: submersible well pump replacement
Many homeowner policies cover this sort of thing. Call your agent. As for pulling the pump it may not be that easy. First if you have a "pitless" adaptor you're going to need a handle to screw into it (I believe it might be 3/4 or1" pipe thread). Second, which should be FIRST, make sure the power is shut off to the pump. Third, there can be a lot of weight, the pump plus a column of water equal to however many feet down your pump is. Once you start if you don't make adequate preparations to tie it off you can't quit until it's out and you will need help and room to lay possibly hundreds of feet of pipe down. The guys in the business have pulling machines for this. I helped a guy pull one by hand one day and we had no idea how deep it was, well I thought my arms were going to fall off if it would have been 10 feet deeper I would have left it drop to the bottom. Good Luck!

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