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Posted by Marty Kuhns on August 14, 2002 at 22:09:51:
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: The standard is that if you want copper, you have to pay the difference, and since the contractors are working fairly cheaply to install the CPVC, they usually inflate the copper price. It is up to you whether it is worth the difference. As for type L copper, it is the standard for commercial jobs, but residences have been traditionally piped with M and have relatively few problems with it. And if a contractor is going to give you L at the same price, then he was overpricing the M.

: : After years of dealing with the poly-pipe I am finally going to get my pipe replace.

: : But here is the problem. When I started talking to the people who are subcontracted to handle the claim and to the plumbers who are handling the job, I was being told that CPVC is all that will approve. I pressed a little further and the people handling the claim (not the plumber), admitted that it was my choice to have copper or CPVC. Well, I said that copper is my preference and make it "L" copper. I only said L copper because that is what one of their representatives said I should ask for (the guy that came out to inspect the water coming up from the foundation!). To make a long story short, they first lie to me about CPVC-- that is it the only thing they will approve. Then they say copper is really my choice, but now it is M. I have read the settlement and it says that it is the home ower's decision as to the type of system. Now I get a letter saying that they are going to deactivate my claim it I don't tell them what I want in 7 days (they have dragged their feet for nearly 6 months since the foundation leak). I have talked to a guy on our street and he got L copper with no cost to him.

: : So, finally, here is my question. IS THERE ANYONE OUT THERE WHO HAS RECEIVED A SETTLEMENT IN THE COX CASE THAT GOT "L" COPPER? If you, or anyone you know has received "L" copper please email me ASAP. Thanks!

: : Please response to:

: : Tom

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