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Posted by Bud...Suncoast plumbing Inc on January 24, 1999 at 18:03:23:
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Ralph:--Is the water smelly as delivered from the well or only after it arrives from the water heater?
If it is the latter , the odor is that of Hydrogen Sulphide gas that is generated from the anode rod inside the water heater. As the anode is consumed in trying to protect the tanks innards, it gives off Hydrogen and Oxygen. It is this Hydrogen that couples to any free atoms present in the water to form the "rotten egg" odor
of Hydrogen Sulphide Gas. Removing the anode will void your warranty on your water heater, but will probably get rid of the odor problem.
Lots of luck........Bud

I have a smelly water problem in a second home with a submersible pump and electric water heater which is kept on even during periods we are not using the house. I have a plastic filter element between the pump and heater which I periodically remove (after draining the heater) and run clorox through the system. This usually eliminates the sulphur odor for a few months. A plumber advised me to drop clorox (did he say chlorine?) pellets such as used in swimming pools into the well. Does this sound right? While we don't usually drink the water we do bathe, brush and wash dishes in it. I'd much prefer this method if safe as draining, flushing, refilling and getting the water system back in shape is a tedious process. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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