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Posted by hj on January 23, 1999 at 23:20:36:
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The manufacturers have started to do just that,they make a tank 2" deeper to the rear so the space is closed. Mansfield may still make the 14" with a regular tank.

: I'm looking for a 14" rough-in toilet which also minimizes the distance from the wall to the front of the bowl. Let me explain...

: I have an old house in which an old-style tank-on-wall toilet has been replaced with a standard 2-piece 12" rough-in toilet. The drain is 14" from the wall, so there's an extra 2" of space behind the toilet. (No big deal, but not optimal.)

: The toilet faces the side of the bathtub, and there is insufficient space between the tub and toilet to sit straight!

: I'd like another 2" or more clearance in this tight space, and initially thought a 14" rough-in toilet would help. However, the 14" rough-in toilets I've seen don't provide the extra 2" where I need it. Instead of moving the whole unit back 2" (which would help me), they basically adjust the geometry to make the overall toilet 2" bigger front to back (which would bring the tank closer to the wall, but which does not help with tight clearance between the bowl and bathtub).

: By the way, the current toilet is not an elongated bowl, so there's no easy gain there.

: Any advice? (I'd rather not move the drain back 2" toward the wall due to cast iron drain.)

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