Re: installing tile on aquaboard (green drywall)
Posted by Kate Judge on August 02, 2002 at 22:23:46:
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: : Hi Steve,

: : Do not, repeat do not use green sheetrock or any other type of sheetrock as a substrate for ceramic tile in a wet area such as a shower. Be aware that tiles and grout do not form a waterproof barrier. In fact, standard wall tiles act as sponges and draw moisture in. A good portion of our business is comprised of tearing out "sheetrock showers" and relpacing them with better installations.

: : I recommend Hardi-backer in the 1/2 in. thickness, installed over green sheetrock. Use radius trims (mud cap, bullnose) at the edges of the backer board.

: : If the sheetrock wall is already in place, install plastic sheeting and then the Hardi-backer.

: : John

: John, can I just install the hardi-backer in place of the sheetrock directly onto the studs? I haven't installed any type of wallboard yet and was wondering can i just screw the cement board directly to the studs and put the tiles on, or do I need to do something else after the cement board is installed? For example, do i need a moisture barrier between the wall studs and the backer board or anything else??

: Stephen

If you look at the Custom Building Products website they suggest that you put a moisture barrier over the studs and then put the Cementboard directly over that. They refer to Wonderboard but that is just their brandname. The HardiBackerboard is much the same. They have lots of good information on their site about setting tile. The url is


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