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Posted by hj on January 20, 1999 at 23:39:55:
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There are very few sinks that cannot also be undermounted. My favorite way is to cut the countertop around the sink bowls and drill the countertop through the faucet hole(s) and mount the faucet through the sink and countertop. If the customer uses the right faucet, we will often just drill and use the center hole to mount it unless they are going to use the other holes for accessories.

: We are redoing our kitchen and will put in a granite countertop. My wife wants to put in a sink that is
: undermounted (i.e. so that you can sweep things from counter into sink without going over a ledge). I've
: heard that some sinks that are top-mounted can in fact be installed from below so that it looks like a
: regular undermount sink. IS THIS TRUE? If so, what are the pros or cons to doing this instead of
: getting a true undermount sink? There seems to be a substantial price difference between the two.

: Also, any comments on the quality of the following manufacturers (again, sometimes big price difference):
: Blanco, Franke, Kindred, Elkay, Whitehaus, Foster, CitiMetal Products.

: Thanks

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