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Posted by eric on January 20, 1999 at 21:59:23:
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There are several ways to do shower pans. The Noble co. offers a life time warranty on their shower pan.(1-616-842-7844) A great book is Setting Ceramic Tile by: Michael Byrne. In his book it is explained how to do a shower from the pan--to the setting of the tile.

Dear Sally,
: Our Award Winning Tile Redi Waterproof Shower will be able to solve your problem.
: A revolutionary new shower module offering a lifetime protection against leaking. The module allows for easy installation by the plumber and tile contractor eliminating as much as three days in a construction schedule. After installation, the module is ready to receive ceramic or marble directly onto its surface, completely eliminating the cost and labor of mudding a conventional shower floor. The flame retardant surface with built-in curb, pitch and drain are just a few of the features that makes Tile Redi module the only alternative for ease and confidence in a quality, cost efficient installation.
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: : Terry,
: : I have a 68 year old house, we just removed the master bath to the studs-great "aggression therapy"...
: : Question/Concern: What is better, i.e the longest lasting with the least problems, : a hard molded shower
: : pan, or a Vinyl Shower pan liner? We want a completely tiled shower stall including floor but do NOT
: : want to have any problems with leaking pan in 2 years. One contractor says vinyl leaks in 2 years so
: : buy a molded fiberglass pan. We don't know what is true! Thanks. sally