whirlpool in mortar base, Is it a Code requirement?
Posted by Tom Bolstad on July 25, 2002 at 17:59:24:
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Is the motar base a CODE BOCA or Plubimg, requirement. Or is it just a good idea. I have an instation without the motar with the tub resting on it's feet wedged with 2.4 so it can't move. I have not had any problems in 8 years.

Thus do I need to add mortar now to meet code or some type of spray foam. Or does my installation meet code?

: Thanks to both of you. I will do this.

: : : Use the mortar base. It provides support in addition to the legs and gives a nice sturdy feel. You don't have to worry about vibration working the glue or caulk free either. (I would use the caulk in addition to the mortar base.)

: :
: : Having mudded in a number of whirlpools, supply a trick. Instead of making one huge pile of mortar on the floor, divide it into four smaller piles. This give it somewhere to spread to as you push the tub base down into it. When you get it settled to its final position, pour about ten gallons of water into the tub. This will hold it in place while the mortar sets.

: : John (Bring me some more mud) Bridge

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