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Posted by Mary Ann Cooper on July 19, 2002 at 22:44:23:
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: I just purchased a home in July 2001 and did not know that it was full of qest pipes. I had never heard of qest pipe and the fact that this house had it was not disclosed to me at the sale of the house by the seller, the inspector, nor the realtor. I recently have had two leaks and was told that my home warranty wouldn't cover it, the insurance would not cover it, and that I would have to file a claim. When I called the claim number given to me, they informed me that the time line expired in August 1997. Does that apply to me even though I just acquired the house in 2001` If it does, is there anything else I can do so the situation will be resolved before my house floats away? Any information would be appreciated. Thank you

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