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Posted by hj on January 17, 1999 at 23:06:55:
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It is a stand alone diverter valve. Most manufacturers make them, although few supply houses stock them. Price-Pfister's valve is model 15-32Bx (x=C or P depending on the finish). Grohe and others also make them. You just have to locate a knowledgable plumber or sales person.

: In bathroom remodel magazines, I have seen
: installations where there is the standard tub spout and
: wall-mounted shower head, supplied by a standard three-
: valve diverter. There is an additional hand sprayer
: which is plumbed directly into the water line. The
: hand sprayer is not fastened to the shower head via the
: normal home-store diverter, and is not plumbed into the
: tub spout, either. There is a fourth "faucet" on the
: wall, which apparently lets the user select whether the
: water exits from the fixed shower head, or from the
: hand sprayer.
: In a nutshell, it appears that the diverter valve in the
: standard faucet fixture is used to select between tub
: spout or shower. Then, there is another diverter valve,
: mounted separtely, which is used to select between
: shower head and hand sprayer.
: There obviously is a type of valve which is in a "Y"
: configuration (ie. 1 in, 2 out), that can be fitted
: with a typical bath fixture knob.
: The problem is that every "expert" I've been able to
: ask about this immediately assumes that I want/need
: the ordinary shower head type diverter, and then tunes
: me out when I disagree.
: I did find one plumbing store employee who had seen
: what I was talking about on some remodeling show on TV,
: but didn't know how to accomplish it.
: Help??! What is this valve called, so I can ask for
: it competently, and where am I likely to be able to
: find one?
: Thanks for any information.

: Lee Bridges

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