shower/sprayer diverter valve
Posted by Lee Bridges on January 17, 1999 at 22:47:24:
In bathroom remodel magazines, I have seen
installations where there is the standard tub spout and
wall-mounted shower head, supplied by a standard three-
valve diverter. There is an additional hand sprayer
which is plumbed directly into the water line. The
hand sprayer is not fastened to the shower head via the
normal home-store diverter, and is not plumbed into the
tub spout, either. There is a fourth "faucet" on the
wall, which apparently lets the user select whether the
water exits from the fixed shower head, or from the
hand sprayer.
In a nutshell, it appears that the diverter valve in the
standard faucet fixture is used to select between tub
spout or shower. Then, there is another diverter valve,
mounted separtely, which is used to select between
shower head and hand sprayer.
There obviously is a type of valve which is in a "Y"
configuration (ie. 1 in, 2 out), that can be fitted
with a typical bath fixture knob.
The problem is that every "expert" I've been able to
ask about this immediately assumes that I want/need
the ordinary shower head type diverter, and then tunes
me out when I disagree.
I did find one plumbing store employee who had seen
what I was talking about on some remodeling show on TV,
but didn't know how to accomplish it.
Help??! What is this valve called, so I can ask for
it competently, and where am I likely to be able to
find one?
Thanks for any information.

Lee Bridges

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