Re: Necessary to replace Kohler Rialto Power-Lite?
Posted by barry h on July 09, 2002 at 18:55:20:
In response to Re: Necessary to replace Kohler Rialto Power-Lite?
I just got off the phone with Kohler and was told the same thing. My toilet is approx. 6 years old. Now it is my problem to replace it, and what about the color match with the rest of my fixtures?

: I have 5 Kohler Rialto Pressure Lite toilets in my home which was built in 1995. They haven't worked right since I bought the house in 1998. Kohler told me the same thing: Buy new toilets and they will throw in $100/toilet. Be sure to take them out and haul them in to the dealer too. Is that real commitment in standing behind their products or what? Despite the fact it was Kohler who made the mistake of merchandising a defective product, they are making the little guys pay for it. Well, do we have a class action?

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