bathtub not draining
Posted by George Z on January 17, 1999 at 10:56:21:
I live in an apartment and several months ago the basement workspace under me had its ceiling soundproofed with "multched" newsprint. I now notice that my bathtub does not drain (I keep the drain clear of hairs and not gobs of hair were in it). When I plunge I get a back spill up through were the shower-tub lever is which as small particles of the mulched newprint in it. I know that the mulch came up under the tub and under everything in my unit since I'm directly above the area that was soundproofed. QUESTION: How can such matter get into what one would assume to be a closed system of drain pipes that ultimately lead to the outside with no openings in them other than the fixture drains? Is there some kind of trap or "pan" under a typical tub that could allow for an opening into the pipes? Please advise. Thanks.

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