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Posted by hj on January 16, 1999 at 23:00:42:
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If you plug the drain and use a bucket to fill the shower with water up to a point close to the level of the door, and it leaks, then it is the pan or the pan's connection to the drain. Either one requires that the floor and pan be removed and replaced. Shower pans often fail, because of poor material or installation. if the tile is poorly done, then a marginal pan will leak even if it would not leak with a proper tile job. If a pipe leaks into the shower pan, and the pan is installed properly, then it would be immaterial because the pan would intercept the leak as it is supposed to and drain the water away as it is supposed to do.

: Need some information on shower pan leaks.

: I keep hearing the same two lines.

: 1) It's the shower pan thats leaking.

: 2) It's a pipe that's leaking into the shower pan, shower pans rarely fail because they are protected.

: What is the deal on this leak???????

: Help!

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