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Posted by WG on June 15, 2002 at 16:00:55:
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: If I understand it, it sounds like the type I just solved. Basically the stopper post has a nib on it that when it is twist around to match the slot in the shaft underneath, the stopper will drop into place. Then to open you lift with the knob on top and twist so that the nib is no longer in the slot and is resting along the top edge of the shaft. This holds tje stopper up to drain.

To remove the stopper...
while the nib is positioned somewhere in the slot,(closed or half closed) turn the stopper/knob counter-clockwise. This unwinds the shaft or the stopper top from the shaft. Either way will work. Watch that you don't rely too much on the knob... it can be turned counter-clockwise out of the stopper too!

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