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Posted by bob mchugh on June 14, 2002 at 21:50:48:
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:I am from Canada and we purchased a danze kitchen faucet from Canadian Tire Model 63-4078-2
We bought it orginally on Jan.20,l999 and within two years it became defective. We returned it for replacement on March 28,2000 and they replaced it.
Since Feb.2002 it continues to drip after you shut it off unless you find the proper position.(Usually up and over) We get hot water at any location on the tap,if you fiddle aroung long enought you will find a location for cold water.
This time the plumber told us we need a repair kit to replace the insides to eliminate the dripping, and he would be glad to make another housecall to install. This will make four calls to the plumber, which has cost us more than the taps orginally, as he is unable to fix a fixture of this nature. Where do I go to get the repair kit or should the faucet be replaced again by Canadian Tire, as they don't seem to carry repair parts. The plumber advised us orginally that we should purchase items of this nature from him, as he would be able to fix something he sells. He wasn't impressed when he first installed the tap, and examined the defective tap, and told us to return for a new one.
We also, had the plumber another time as the spray nozzle wouldn't perform properly, but he was able to fix by adjusting and tighting up the insides,as the hose was twisted and cause the inside to loosen. Can you direct us on the course we should take.
: : The plastic hold down bolt on the right hand side of my faucet, through which the flexible spray hose fits, has broken at the top of the threaded section where it widens to hold down the faucet body.
: : Two questions:
: : 1) how do I get a replacement part (Canadian Tire where I bought it do not handle parts)
: : 2) will the replacement be any stronger, i.e. has there been a design improvement - there needs to be one, it is very thin where it broke.

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