costs of replumb and addition of 1/2 bath
Posted by sandy upchurch on January 13, 1999 at 18:18:03:

We are facing a horrible situation. The plumbing in
our house has turned out to be faulty
(polybutelene pipes) and we qualify for a replumb to be
paid for out of a class action settlement agreement.
Unfortunately we have little choice regarding who is
chosen to do the work and the class action administrator
chooses the lowest bidder. Our house is a 2 story
cedar single family home built on a crawlspace. It
has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms with a kitchen, water heater,
washer/dryer, and 3 outside "hose bibs". Our home is
worth approximately $125,000. Can you give me some
sort of estimate of what a replumb should cost us in
Tallahassee, FL? Please HELP!!!

Also, we hope to add a 1/2 bath to our first story of
our home. Nothing too fancy - just the basics. What
can we expect to spend to have the plumbing directed
to that area (we are on a crawlspace) and for the
toilet, sink and other basic bathroom necessities (ie:
mirror, lighting, etc). Thanks for your input. I love
your website!!

Sandy Upchurch
estimate of what this replumb will cost.i

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