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Posted by Buzzrr on June 02, 2002 at 04:34:27:
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My bathtub was completely clogged. I tried plunging it and also dumped some Rooto (sulfuric acid) proffesional drain cleaner (what was left in the bottle about 10 ozs) down the drain with no remarkable results. I couldn't get to the clog with a coat hanger. After more plunging a day later and refilling the tub up one inch (even though the Rooto bottle says not to plung after usage), I then dumped a bottle of bleach down the drain. I let it sit for around three hours to eat away at the clog. I then followed it with a kettle full of boiling water and let sit for another hour. After all that it finally was cleared and worked great! Bleach is a helluva lot cheaper than drain cleaner too!

: : My bathtub drain is the type that kind of screws in to close and then unscrew (turn counter clockwise) to open. I am sure my drain is clogged with hair but I do not know how to get stopper out of my drain so that I can reach in with a wire or anything to pull the hair out. Any ideas on how to unstop this drain?

: Janet,
: Most of the time, you would go through the upper overflow. I would guess that the cover plate on yours is held by one screw. A hand snake, (not like the pet ones) can be inserted at that point, and removal of hair should be easy. Terry

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