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Posted by Frank on January 13, 1999 at 16:16:10:
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You can't have it both ways -- quit putting the kitty litter down the toilet or get rid of the cat if the trash pick-up isn't often enough. That Liquid Plumber and other stuff isn't very effective and likely does more harm than good. It's really intended to dissolve hair and grease in a trap, which doesn't apply to a toilet.

: Our downstairs toilet clogs every two months or so, to the point where my husband has to pour Liquid
: Plumber (sp?). My husband accuses me of depositing too much "material" in it at a time, but what also
: goes into this toilet are the cats' "material" (with a modicum of clay litter coating), as well as other family
: members' waste. One of the upstairs toilets is also a recipient of the same waste products, and that
: clogs occasionally as well.

: Are there some preventive measures we can take to prevent this from happening, other than to collect the
: cats' waste in a bag and toss it in the garbage (which only gets picked up weekly)? I'm not sure whether
: we have a low flush toilet or not - the house was built in 1993 in North Carolina.

: Thanks,
: Anita Harris

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