Toilet keeps clogging
Posted by Anita Harris on January 13, 1999 at 12:38:48:
Our downstairs toilet clogs every two months or so, to the point where my husband has to pour Liquid
Plumber (sp?). My husband accuses me of depositing too much "material" in it at a time, but what also
goes into this toilet are the cats' "material" (with a modicum of clay litter coating), as well as other family
members' waste. One of the upstairs toilets is also a recipient of the same waste products, and that
clogs occasionally as well.

Are there some preventive measures we can take to prevent this from happening, other than to collect the
cats' waste in a bag and toss it in the garbage (which only gets picked up weekly)? I'm not sure whether
we have a low flush toilet or not - the house was built in 1993 in North Carolina.

Anita Harris

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