Re: septic tanks & drainfeilds
Posted by Greg DeJongh on May 28, 2002 at 08:14:18:
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: : do you believe in the over the counter products for slow draining, or restoring your drainfeild. please reply asap, having a problem. thank you

: I am not an expert in this field but have been recently faced with a similar problem. A drain expert told me that he had rooted out many of them but had never had good results in doing so. He further proposed installing a new drain field material which had been used in other parts of the US but was just recently approved in certain counties of California. It is a "crown" shaped pvc material which when completed is about 4 times as efficient as the old rock and drain pipe system. I have just posted a request for more information on this material via this service. I will contact you when I find out further info. Cordially

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