Re: Low Flush vs. 3" Line
Posted by hj on January 13, 1999 at 12:05:52:
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The 4" sewers are usually only needed on residences that have 4 toilets or more, or 3 toilets all in one area. The larger the pipe, the less self cleaning action that takes place given an equal amount of water. The 3" pipes give the best action with the low flush, and if it were allowed,(and available), a smaller line would work even better.

: I notice that newer homes in my area have 4" main laterals vs. the 3" variety in my home. Was there
: a code change or a smart design issue given the 1.6 gal new construction requirement? Also, since
: I do have 3" lines, which low flush technology will most reliably do the job and avoid clogging? My
: line goes to a septic tank 5' from the exterior wall.

: Thanks! Kevin

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