Hot Water Heater Upgrade
Posted by Kevin Ball on January 13, 1999 at 00:16:40:
Given my family has doubled, I'm considering replacing my aging 40gal standard gas HW heater
with a 50-75 gal faster recovery type. I notice the exhaust outlets are 4" vs. my current 3" run.
The Y connector shared with the furnace is a 3-4-5 type and I see 4-4-5 types are common. Is there
any distance vs. run restrictions to consider in my vent line? Current installation has the Y at the
garage ceiling with the vent line rising through the second story and outletting 2' above the roof.

Also, given how rapidly I run out of hot water (50-70% more would be nice), should I just bite the
bullet and go for the 75 gal unit vs. a 50 gal with a larger burner?

Thanks, Kevin

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