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Posted by carl wehmeyer on May 22, 2002 at 22:18:51:
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Ladies and gentlemen,

I work for Niagara Conservation and can provide you with a lengthy list of people who have used the Flapperless toilets. Property Managers, Municipalities, as well as homeowners really benifit from this product.

feel free to email me and I'll provide you with a list of contacts.

As for pros the list would be too long to post here. Basically the toilet has reinvented the whole concept of water conservation.

As for cons:
It's not available at the retail level. (home depot should have the toilets in about 6 months)

The handles can break on older models easily.((Niagara has been through three generations of handles and have finally perfected it with a ribbing system that enforces the handle)

Please feel free to contact me @ 800-831-8383 x111

have a good day

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