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Posted by Barry on January 12, 1999 at 15:52:14:
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: I am looking to replace the "builders special" toilets in my house. I would like to keep the cost to around $200.
: I like the Briggs Acuity models. Are they good a removing waste the first time. If not can you recommend one
: that is?
: Thanks.

: Ed Warner


It's actually the Briggs Vacuity. It's operation is well described at the Toiletology 101 Web site ( From my perspective, everything has to be just right for this system to work properly, just as with, say, anti-scald valves. I live in a high mineral content area, and anything with close tolerances that uses our water soon has troubles. Consequently, I'd be more inclined to a more foolproof system -- either a jet siphon with a big pathway or pressure-assisted. I think the value of a good flush is such that I'd skip a few lunches, delivered pizzas, and movies in order to afford the better (but more expensive) toilet.


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