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Posted by Terry Love on January 12, 1999
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The newer Kohler Wellwortheven though it's better than the older one is just not all thatgood.  
Consumers Digest liked it, but then they don't do plumbing.  I remove quita few Wellworth toilets.  
There are much better choices out there than the Wellworth.  Since the premise of this report is that all of the toilets come recommended, it has not made the list this time. 
Close, but no cigar! 

 April 2008 update, this year Consumers Digest liked the three toilets above.  
They dropped the Wellworth from the list, and replaced  it with the Kohler Cimarron.  
They added the Champion 4 to the list, which  hopefully it's better than the Champion 3 that gave consumers so much trouble.  
Also on the list is the TOTO Carlyle, one of Toto's more expensive models. 
Toto also makes similarly performing toilets like the Drake and Ultramax with pricing starting at $220.  

All of these are gravity toilets, however Consumers Digest says

"American Standard, Kohler and Toto are relying on the power of pressurized air."

Toto has never made a pressurized air toilet, and American Standard and Kohler only have a few models with it.  
It may be that the reviewer got his facts wrong when he put together his list of Best Buys.  
A quick look inside the tanks will reveal that these are in fact, gravity toilets.  
Fifteen years ago, Toto went with a 3" flush valve between the tank and bowl, creating more flushing power, without the noise.  

Kohler Wellworth, I've seen it get good reviews in Consumers Digest and other places, but don't see it on your list - do you know of problems with it?
January 11, 1999

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