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Posted by JK on May 04, 2002 at 02:40:04:
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Same problem here. Yes it is sulfer and Iron.
If you are on a septic and well like I am.
The only thing I know of that will work
effectively and long term is water treatment
and conditioner and good filtration system
and having your septic tank drained at
least once a year.
You want to make sure not to get a copy
cat type water treatment and conditioner
and filtration system but get good ones
from reputable dealers.
You can buy water test kits this is how
I reccomend you use the test kit
do your test before running water
out of a faucett not filtered
then run a shower for a while and then
do the test again especially the sulfer
iron and bacteria. keep track of the
recults before running the shower
and then after running the shower and
compare the 2. use the hot side of the
fauctet for the sulfer test.
Sulfer is a problem that can come and
go or be constant. sulfer iron will
show up on the hot water side higher
than on the cold side. If you need
to know some of the companies that sell
the good brands of filtration and
conditioner systems you can email me.
If on a well you may want to consider
disinfecting your well of you can
to do this use 1 gallon of bleach
for every 50 feet deep then run the
faucets inside for about a minute
to 3 minutes one faucet at a time
then take a garden hose and run
some of the water down on the
sides of the well to clean off
the sides then run the rest of
the water out into the woods away
from your well and septic where it
won't damage rivers or nearby
neighbors water. Run the water
until you no longer smell the
The good filtration and conditioning systems
are not cheap in the beginning but require
less maintance and work significantly better
than cheap ones and are cheaper to maintan
than ones you have to buy filters for every
month or every 3 months.
water problems can pose a real heath risk
and some contaminants can cause cancer,
problems thinking, neurological problems,
asthma, gardia (also known as bever fever),
lukemia, short attention spans, growth and
development problems, pregnancy problems
including premature births etc.
If the person that looked at your pipes
and saw a rust type look on the inside
of them than there is a high possibility
it is sulfer. If you want a more thourghal
test than the standard ones sold in stores
you can sometimes get them through
phsiology or biology professors on
university campuses. when you find
problems with water when testing
it is a good idea to do more throughal
testing on these you'll need to use a
microschope and plastic strips and dies.
If there is any chance of contamination
above acceptabilty you will want to aviod
taking samples to labratories or epa
as they can force you to move or spend
thousands to fix it. and labratories that
serve people are required by law to call
epa if a bactera contamination problem
shows up on the test.
Some Sulfer problems can be caused by
bateria and thus present health problems.
If you have a friend in your area like a
pharmacist or someone taking biology at
the university that has access to a
microscope you might consider asking
them if you can use their microscope or
if they can bring it to their home or
office and do the testing with you.
For small particals you really need a
powerfull microscope to see them and
they can be expensive.
A friend who is a pharmacist that
can do the test with you would be
real helpful as many of them know
biology and chemistry real well and
know what to look for. sometimes
you can end up with a contaminant
that don't show up and have to use
an alterantive method or test again
to find the contaminant and many
pharmacist know what alternatives to
use and will know what it is suppose
to look like with the alternative
method used to find the contaminant.
If you have a septic you may consider
checking for leaks at the beginning
to the middle of the system because
when the clog and don't go completly
through the leach field the stuff
don't disolve enough and can have
an area where all the liquid is
draining out of one area and where
that is a case and it is on sand
you can end up with a real problem
with the water table and where the
well water comes from...
Plants that have roots that soke up
nitrates planted out in a leach
field can help a little also. but
that will only help a little
bit in the summer time and
won't work for winter.
I'm one who likes to totally solve
a problem as best as possible not
half baindaid a problem that won't
work or work as well which is why
I listed all these methods and why
the post is so long.
Sorry if it inconviences anyone..

: There is a bad sulfer type oder everytime we use our master bath shower. Other sinks and showers do not seem to give off an oder. We've had a plumber look at it. He said it was sulfer in the pipes but he didn't know the cause or what to do about it. Is there any products that will help?

: Thanks,
: Frank

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