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Posted by Terry Love on January 10, 1999 at 23:39:18:
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Thanks for passing my web site link on!
The toilet report is from top to bottom the best flush as near as I can tell.
If you are looking for quiet, then forget about the pressure assist toilets for now.
If price is a concern, then by all means go with the two-piece toilets on the report. If it is on the report, it works. Low end with good looks would be the Western and the Cadet II,
For one-piece toilets I like the Toto line which has a very good flush action. however the Savona and Rosario work fine also. In between those price ranges would be the Toto Drake which has less noise that the assisted toilets and performs nearly as well.

: Two more points I should've mentioned (sorry for making it 2 posts!). We want an elongated bowl (I'm not sure if that makes a difference in performance), and we'd like one that's not too difficult to fix, that is, one where the parts are readily available.
: Thanks!!

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