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Posted by hj on January 10, 1999 at 21:26:51:
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Since plastic is a relatively poor conductor of heat, the inslation will not help to keep it warm once it has cooled off. And anything uderneath it that could deteriorate will allow the base to move and cause leaking, or worse, water to stand under the base between it and the safety pan and become putrid. Then when the base is stepped on, this foul smelly water will be pumped into the shower and cause serious odors.

: I am installing a cultured marble shower base in a basement bathroom. In order to have a warmer shower
: floor, I would like to put some installation under the base. Something that would provide good insulation
: while providing a stable base. I.E. keeping it level and wobble free. I was thinking about some sort
: of foam insulation.

: Thanks

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