Choosing a toilet
Posted by Robin Parry on January 10, 1999 at 15:25:04:
Dear Terry,
I found your consumer report on low-flow toilets extremely helpful, definitely the most complete information I found on the Web, but we're having trouble narrowing down our choice from the ones you ranked. Can you recommend which one (or two or three) you would choose based on our criteria? I have many friends who have remodeled and are quite unhappy with their low-flow toilets (though the ones with the Kohler Rosarios are reasonably satisfied) and I very much want to avoid that experience. We're putting in a new bathroom on the 2nd floor of an 60 year old house. Our priorities are in this order:
1. Performance. A toilet that works with the first flush (most of the time), where we only rarely need to use a plunger, don't have to give guests instructions about flushing before putting paper in, the bowl stays clean, and it doesn't splash.
2. Noise. The bathroom will be between our bedroom and a nursery/guest room).
3. Cost. We'd prefer not to buy a more expensive toilet if a less expensive one would do the job, but since I know so many people unhappy with theirs, we do want to spend the money necessary for a good one, not skimp.
4. Looks. The least important, but since we are getting an American Standard whirlpool tub (Cadet), it would be good if it didn't clash horribly in style.

We thought we should choose from the ones you listed as quiet, but weren't sure if your ranking was in order of preference -- all the first choices say "loud." The American Standard and Kohler would be easiest for us to obtain. We've narrowed it to these: American Standard Cadet and Savona (does the Cadet work as well? is the higher price on the Savona just for the styling?), Kohler Rosario (our friends gave us mixed reviews but definitely preferred it to the Rialto), the Gerber 21-702 (I'm not sure if this one is loud, based on your review), the Toto Drake, Ultramax, Ultimate, and CST 703, and the Briggs Vacuity. Which do you recommend?

Thank you very much for your help. I've recommended your site to others - I'm glad it's out there? Consumer Reports wasn't that much help.

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