Toilet woes
Posted by David on April 01, 1998 at 20:55:37:
I'm having problems with my toilet. The water level
is too low. When I flush, the water level rises to
the normal position, but the toilet doesn't completely
flush; that is, some of the old water remains. If
I flush again, I get a full flush, but the water level
again is too low.

I took a look under the hood behind the toilet, and
when the water level appears too low back there too.

One more thing, one time I flushed after the water
level was low, and the toilet just endlessly and
slowly circulated water until I manually closed the
valve attached to the flusher.

The only non-standard thing that I'm doing is using
one of those toilet bowl dissolving cleaner products,
but it seems far away from any valves so I don't think
that it's the problem.


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