High-Tech Toilet Accessories
Posted by Al Moldon on January 09, 1999 at 20:02:58:
I'm renovating our main bathroom and would like to include some of the interesting new technology
items in it. For example, the new shower unit has a thermostatic water temperature control that allows
the user to set the actual temperature on a dial and the shower unit maintains it.

When it comes to toilets, I thought I would utilize a "pressure assist" or "vacuity" unit, and your
"low flow toilet report" led me to the idea of a "heated seat" with "softclose". I heard that there is a device
that will draw red and green "targets" in the centre of the bowl based on the seat position, but I don't
know where it is available.

Are there any sources of these "high tech bathroom accessories" that I can check out?

Thanks for an excellent web site!

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