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Posted by Terry Love on January 09, 1999 at 01:46:01:
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Solid risers like you describe fit onto the 1/2" threaded supplies of the lav faucet. The faucet should have come complete with 1/2" nuts. The lower end of the solid riser slips into the compression fitting of the water supply shutoff.

It is important that the "upper" nuts be tightened first and then tighten the "lower" compression nuts. (none of the fittings require thread sealant) The lower compression nut and sleeve can be lightly oiled. WD40


: I am in the process of installing a pedistal sink in my bathroom and would like to use chrome plated risers I purchased at a plubming supply store. I am installing an American Standard faucet. I have seen the flex hose connectors that have the steel braiding on the exterior but do not like the way they look. The risers or water connectors I purchased are crome or stainless steel coated copper and seem flexible enough but I do not know how to properly connect them to the faucet. The connectors I have are solid tubing with a flange on one end. The flange which is also metal,looks sort of like a toilett plunger. The intallation instuctions say to "connect the hot water supply lines the the approriate shanks using sealant, appropriate connectors, and coupling nuts." Since these supply lines have a metal flange with no rubber, can I count on this making a good seal with just compression alone? What type of coupling should i be using if this is not correct or what type of sealant should i use?
: Any help would be greatly appreciated

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