shower pan liner
Posted by susan philips on January 08, 1999 at 21:34:37:
Bottom line, my question is, can you repair a shower pan liner if you are fairly certain where it is leaking?
Back to the beginning, I have removed about one third of the tile and sheetrock, down to the mortar bed
and shower liner. ( I had never seen or even heard of a shower liner before this, before a horrible musty
smell developed and mushrooms began to grow out of the bottom of the wall.)

The liner looks to be made out of something resembling heavy tar paper and plastic covered cardboard.
It appears that the leak is in a corner. I must confess that I tore the liner about three inches from the
same corner while trying to figure out what it was. I tested the pan with the proper plug, amount of water
and time. The pan and not the drain leaks.

After extensive reading, thanks in large part to wonderful on-line plumbing sites, I think I should probably
replace the liner and the mortar bed. (I am a bit apprehensive about this undertaking.) So if I shouldn't
try to fix the liner, but should replace everything, should I also replace the sand/concrete that is under
the liner? And if so, do you have any opinion about using Pro-Slope or any other similar product?

Thank you for your perseverance and assistance. Susan Philips

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