Bathroom sink stopper opening too large
Posted by kk on January 08, 1999 at 14:36:14:
I'm installing a new faucet in my bathroom sink and the diameter of the old stopper assembly is 2.75" (the opening in the old assembly is 2.25" - I'm afraid to take the old one out to determine the actual sink opening diameter), but the new one is only 2", with a 1.5" opening. I called Price Pfister to see if they made a larger stopper that would work with my faucet, but they said they only made the one size. I wouldn't mind leaving the old one in, but the new faucet doesn't seem to be compatible with the ballrod nut and clip. The old assembly worked by turning a hexagonal rod and pulling the popup rod up caused the stopper to rise and pushing it down caused the stopper to close. I think that I could probably work out something to make the two work together if replacement isn't an option, but the stopper would probably work better if I could replace the pop up assembly with something designed to work with the ballrod nut and clip model. Any suggestions?

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