Re: Noisy pipes and lost sleep
Posted by Jim Wagner on January 07, 1999 at 09:29:40:
In response to Re: Noisy pipes and lost sleep
: Sleepless:--Before jumping from a window or anything rash ....check out the toilets as potential trouble makers. If you have only one toilet your task will be an easy one. Simply shut the water supply valve off to the toilet before retireing. If you sleep through the night with no interuptions, your well on your way to a solution to the problem. Water has the ability to travel very easily through the piping system. The problem can be quite some distance from where the noise is heard. If the noise ceases by turning the water off under the toilet tank, the solution is simple...remember to turn the water off after each use....or replace the flapper and ballcock.
: Lots of luck in Durham....Bud

Thanks for the advice Bud. When the pipes started
up last night I shut off both toilets. No effect.
By the time it was all over I'd shut off the
main shutoff valve for the whole house and opened
both hot and cold water taps to release any
residual pressure in the system. Still no effect.
The noise starts up every couple of minutes and
lasts for 20-30 seconds.

I'm beginning to think that it's originating
outside of the house and being transmitted to the
house from the city side. Is that possible?


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